How To Start A Blog

Welcome and I’m so glad you are here! Making money from home is much easier now than it ever has been! Today, I want to show you just how easy it is to start a blog on Bluehost. It takes 5 MINUTES! Believe me when I say how technically challenged I am, if I can do it, so can YOU! Being able to work from home or make some extra money are a few great reasons to start a blog. For only a few dollars a a month you are able to start your own business!

Start A Blog Today

To Start A WordPress blog on Bluehost Click Here

Then follow the tutorial for step by step directions.

I have researched many different options before I choose to set up my blog and this is by the far the best option out there. Many blogs are supported by Bluehost, probably some of your favorite bloggers use this option, but you wouldn’t know it because you can customize it to exactly how you want it to look! This is a great option because it allows for our individualism to come alive!


Bluehost is recognized as one of the highest ranking website domain supporters, started in 2003, Bluehost now, supports for than 2 MILLION websites worldwide. They have created a team that supports our sites 24/7. The thing I personally love the most is that they have created a smooth transacting interface that allows one-click installs for WordPress users. For those of us, that don’t not coding and HTML or meta data, they have made it easy as the click of a button to install options that we normally would not have access to otherwise. Therefore, our blog and sites would suffer because they would look unprofessional, now, we don’t have to worry about any of that!

Bluehost has a few different options to choose from when buying your domain but I personally think the 12 month option is the best. That way, if you don’t like it after a year you don’t have to renew! One other thing, I’d like to mention is that if you feel at any point in time you don’t want to blog anymore you can cancel the account and will be REFUNDED the amount left of months you didn’t use. That is amazing!! I have found options to start a blog completely free through blogger or blogspot but if you ever want to make money off your blog do NOT use these! To create a blog that makes money by affiliate links or ads you must pay for your domain. To start a blog on bluehost it is as low as $3.75 a month!

Reasons why I use Bluehost to support my WordPress blog:

  • It’s easy to use.

  • Its cheap.

  • Bluehost technical support available

  • Customer Service is amazing to work with

  • Self hosted allowing me to monetize my blog

  • Site Professionalism

  • One-Click WordPress plugins

  • WordPress is free if you purchase a domain on Bluehost

  • Ease of customization to your personality


Click to get your FREE domain and start your blog!

Why Blog

The hardest thing you’ll do during this set-up process is naming your domain. I suggest you take some time in doing this. I actually started off with one name and called Bluehost and they changed it for me over the phone, so if that happens know you can do that too!

If you are having a hard time naming your domain, check out this article. Also, if you have any questions about set up, please send me an email, I can help you!

Although, this take 5 minutes, it takes a little bit write a tutorial, so don’t be alarmed with how long this is, once on Bluehost, it goes very quick!

First Step, head over to Bluehost.

Click on the Green “Get Started Now” Button.

How To Start A Blog


Then choose your plan, I recommend the 12 month which is the basic plan.

How To Start A Blog

Next, is the FUN part, NAMING YOUR DOMAIN!!!


In this step, you can see if your name is already a domain. I suggest doing some thinking here but as I mentioned you can always change it but I would do that sooner rather than later 🙂

How To Start A Blog

Once your name is chosen and you see it’s available fill out these forms:

How To Start A Blog

For the Package Information- Chose the 12 month plan and uncheck all other boxes. You do not need those as a new blogger.

How To Start A Blog

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You now have your own domain and business.


Next Up- Installing Word Press for your site! This is where you are going to spend most of your time, this is where I am writing this article from right now in fact!

The best thing about going with Bluehost, is that they have created one-click buttons that will install items that used to take people knowing how to install them! Well, I am NOT techie and after doing my research this is why I chose Bluehost.

Once, you have signed up, chose your domain’s name, you will come to this page:

Start Your Online Business Today

Click on circled Blue icon.

After you do that, there will be a window message saying it is downloading! Then my friends you are all set to type your heart away! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Again- I welcome you to this awesome world of online business and wish you all the best! Hope over and stay connected with me!!