About The Family

Welcome to The Millennial Family!

mlf_famThe Millennial generation is constantly redefining the Family Unit. Whether, there is a mom and dad in the home, blended families, a single father or a single mother, we can all relate to The Millennial Family. A high majority of us work over time, but still live paycheck to paycheck. Join the Family and learn about the ways to manage your family, budget, and your career.

My name is Amy Heacock, I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My husband and I have two amazing daughters 10 years old, and 5 years old (2016).

We just recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary (High five babe). We both work full time currently, but I hope one day I can stay home. Turns out having a husband, two daughters and two dogs is a full time job in itself!


Someone needs to make a manual for being a mother and a wife! Movies make it look so simple, so appealing, so do-able. Between the snot, throw-up, pee, and the occasional toddler poop in the tub, you’re still supposed to feel sexy?

Over the years, we have been in and out of debt and struggled to manage our money (and our sanity). Here at The Millennial Family, I plan to connect to those with the same struggles but also those who’ve overcame financial struggles, so please share your stories; they will not fall on deaf ears!

Growing up, I didn’t always live with my mother or father for the first five years of my life. Foster parents were all I had to support me during my formative years. I want to help as many foster children I can. I personally, know how important it is to have at least one person show they cared for me and how it dramatically impacted my future. Children are our future!

If sharing my knowledge and story helps you obtain financial freedom, helps you deal with a difficult situation, or just helps you know you’re not in this alone,

I’ve succeeded.

Become part of the family and stay in touch, I look forward to hearing about each and every one of you! Feel free to comment or email!