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Do you have a spoiled Fur Child? How can we not right? A little back story about our fur children, one is a rescue and one is a full bred, we love them both the same! To be welcomed each day as you walk into the door with excitement just makes you feel so good!

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Today, I want to share with you, our experience with trying one of the dog subscription services. I have been searching for a long time for toys and treats for my larger breed dogs and we finally found an amazing product. This service also caters to tiny breeds as well! As I mentioned, I have been on the look out for quality toys and treats due to the fact that I can go to a local pet store and spend $100 on new toys and treats all day every day. Unfortunately, when I get home I deliver this new and special item to my fur children and they get to playing, the next thing I know it’s shredded! I swear they go through $100 quicker than I do at the casino and let me tell you, that’s fast!!

Here’s a video from Pupjoy, enjoy!

Pupjoy has not only created a service that can help our fur children treat in a healthy way, they also have partnered with amazing programs that support breast cancer, human equality, and pet rescue. Many of our fur friends do not have homes, let alone food. Pupjoy recognized that need and with profits from their service give back to programs to help these friends still waiting to find forever homes.

Here are some of the program highlights


  • Order Personalization. Single dog (Uno) or multi-dog (Grande) box sizes. Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery options. Customize your box for toy type preferences and dietary needs, including organic, grain free and protein sensitive options.

  • Risk-Free Ordering. Skip or cancel a subscription at any time, penalty free.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!


With my special link here: $25 off any multi box plan you're able to save $25 on your multi-month plan order.

Happy Tails | PupJoyToday, we received our very first box!! I don't know who was drooling more me, or the dogs! Seriously, I search a lot, I mean A LOT to find durable toys that the dogs don't completely destroy within minutes. Healthy treats where the first ingredient isn't some by-product that isn't something you would eat, why should your dogs? My Doberman, Kai, is picky picky picky! Turns out he likes socks and insulation more than new treats!

Well, not today friends! Fur mom WINS! Check him out!

He's so happy! He's 1! Huge dog, pure puppy!

Here is our 12-year-old Pitbull sweetheart, Shay. She is an old lady but she is picky as well!

Don't mind her eyes she has some cataracts but she still lives life to the fullest!

Pupjoy also caters to the little fur children running around. My mom's little diva Chihuahua (yes I did need to google how to spell that! LOL) got the really cute cookie in her box says "I woof you!!" How flipping cute is that!

Our Experience

Okay, so from the picture you can see we got quite a bit for our box. Full size treats, two toys and we, of course, had to test them out right away! This was all less than $19! They received quite a few treats this time and their favorite was the beef Jerky sticks. They literally look edible to myself. I had to take them away from my husband, he's been known to do a few 'dares' back in the day and I'm sure he would've tried these LOL.

The only thing I didn't like about the box was the one toy, the plastic rope item. It has a cool feature where you put a treat in it for them to try and get out but my dogs were able to get treat out in a matter of seconds. It didn't seem to hold the treat very well. I think I will have to find a thicker treat for that compartment so they have to work a little bit for the treat. Kai is quite the puppy still and likes to destroy anything left unattended, so having a little down time from his hyper activities is quite nice sometimes. I think putting a larger treat in there will work.

If you are interested in having healthier treat options, a few new toys for your fur child check out Pupjoy. Use this link to get your $25 off coupon!


Happy Tails | PupJoy

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