Top 5 Kid’s Christmas Books

Today, you will find the Top 5 Kid’s Christmas Books to check out for this holiday season. The biggest thing I reflect on during holiday season is how important it was for me to have the best toys, the newest clothes and the coolest gadgets, but fast forward forever (I won’t say how long here, I hope you understand LOL), to now, I am a parent and my perspective has obviously changed.

Top 5 Christmas Books For Kids

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In a world of “gotta have it now,” our kids are surrounded by items, commerical’s and other kids that influence what they think they should have, instead of what they NEED. As a mother of two girls, 10 and 5, I want them to be the smartest kids in the class, the ones that value their belongings, enjoy challenging themselves and have interest in the common good of all things they encounter. Kids these days are constantly being exposed to the materialistic side of life, it still is a battle within our household. I try to give them everything that they need and we can talk about the wants. Eventually, they do get some of the things they want but they have to earn it. I want them to understand the value of what it takes to get that item or thing they just can’t live without.

In the holiday spirit I would like to share with you some of our family traditions for Christmas.


My children do get one big gift and one gift from the fat man. We open 1 present the night before Christmas, it is normally a PJ set to sleep in, because who doesn’t like reindeer’s and snowballs on their nighties? (if you did not say Heck Yes to that question, shame on you 🙂 ) We spend $200 per child at Christmas, so the bigger the gift they want the less packages they find under the tree. (they’re learning people, they’re learning!) They never know what they are going to get and that is the most exciting time for me!

One thing they now know to expect under the tree will be a book. Some kids would throw it down and move on to the next present, but my kids look forward to what new and exciting book they get each year. That to me, is priceless. It could be $25 series or $1 unknown author paperback, they don’t care! It’s a new crispy book where the pages haven’t been bent, the cover is sparkly clean and a new adventure awaits them! Start your tradition this year!

Top 5 Christmas Books For Kids

To me, this is the kind of gift that I truly want to see a reaction to, NOT so much, the techy stuff or the clothes. (just a personal preference) That stuff is all great as our next generation is moving more digital, staying aware of the electronics is important but I’m not looking for a reaction to that. I want to know my girls value their mind, body, soul and educating themselves. I want to share some amazing books that we have bought our kids and some I personally enjoy around the holiday’s.


Give The Gift This Season of Education


The Polar Express, is by far one of my ALL TIME favorite books! We normally read this and then watch the movie right after! This book is about a boy who lost his belief in Santa and he goes on a magical adventure to North Pole. He has some freightening mishaps but ends up making it home 🙂 The pictures in this book make the story come alive and truly keep my kiddos interacted with the story. This a definitely one to add to any child’s book case!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, this book is obviously a classic! I think now with the recreation of books into movies truly lets a child let the book become more alive. This story is about a teased outcast that despises Christmas, until he meets little Cindy Lou is The Grinch then able to learn how to love Christmas. He has some crazy adventures with his dog on his path to try and ruin Christmas which is humorous.


Santa’s Favorite Story: Santa Tells The Story of The First Christmas, this book is amazing. When Santa thinks he might not be able to deliver presents, the forest animals are worried there won’t be a Christmas. Santa then shares the true meaning of Christmas by telling the animals about the very first Christmas. This is a great book to share with your kiddos to help them see more of the true meaning of Christmas.

Clifford’s Christmas, who grew up reading Clifford?  Love this dog! It’s Christmas time for Emily Elizabeth and Clifford! While they count down the days to their favorite holiday, Clifford makes a snowman, gets a tree, and finds a surprise in his stocking.

The Twelve Days of Christmas, this is a great book to have for all generations. I read this book with my grandparents. Reading this always brings me back to those times, it is truly amazing how books and smells can bring you back in time. The art work and pictures in this book bring it ALIVE. You kiddo can learn the song and sing it with you as well.


There are a ton of books out there, these are just some of my family’s favorites. I hope I have introduced to you one new book possibly. Thank you for viewing this post!


Happy Holiday’s from my family to yours!

**This post may contain affiliate links, which means, I might earn a small commission of your purchase**

14 comments on “Top 5 Kid’s Christmas Books

  1. I can absolutely relate to enforcing the importance of needs vs wants. I have 2 girls and a boy, ages 8, 6 and 2. I feel like my girls are really starting understand what I’ve been preaching all these years.

    Another wonderful Christmas book is “The Spirit of Christmas” by Nancy Tillman. To be honest, all of her books can be considered my favorite!

  2. I love books. Any time of the year, and really any excuse to buy them as gifts I usually do. The Grinch is a total classic in our house since my oldest was a baby!

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