Budget Friendly Decor For Cute Girls Room

Today, I want to share with you how we added some budget friendly items to make a Cute Girls Room.

Budget Friendly Room Decot for Girls Rooms

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Thank goodness for Pinterest! It has truly allowed me to see what ideas are out there and how to properly make a house a home. When we were building our home, we were budgeting everything we could possibly think of that we would need to just walk in, unpack and start living the American Dream. Unfortunately, being first time home owners you don’t know EVERYTHING, turns out, and well, there are things you definitely forget. Or, you want brand new and throw your savings out the window for! (was that just us?) We had to put the BREAKS on that real quick!

So, slowly but surely we are trying to incorporate our unique personalities into our space. Not to mention, some of these IDEAS I want to DIY are not as cheap as I thought! Has anyone ran across a Pinterest post, you go and try to do the craft or DIY project and its twice the amount?? Hate when that happens! Our finances are going towards other items currently, but we occasionally scrounge up some funds to purchase a few items to add to the home. Since the official ground breaking, my kiddos would do nothing but plan how their first very own rooms were going to look (must be a girl thing). I cannot say I wasn’t doing the same thing LOL!! My very own space!! My own bathroom, toilet, shower! I mean that is honestly, all I was looking forward too. A retreat of my own, where I could run and hide for 5 minutes! (ssshhhhh don’t tell them, they will find me)!!

In order to get SOME decorating done we just started taking room by room. Having a budget truly has helped us and given us the opportunity to provide our daughter with a cute girls room.

Okay, so my oldest is ten and we were deciding how do we get her a room she would love for a few years, so we didn’t have to redecorate it. She was in a middle stage between “little girl” and “tweener” (my word, don’t look it up, probably doesn’t exist 🙂 ) We would go to Lowe’s and check out different colors and see which color she was leaning towards. She mentioned black one time, I about fell over. I said not in my house! Sorry, I will not paint an entire room black, NOT HAPPENING! We haven’t made it to paint colors yet, this coming spring we definitely will. She was able to come up with a theme though, so that helped us pick the decor items that will work with the color we end up choosing.

Her theme, you ask? PARIS!!!!


Here is her room in progress….

Cute Girls Room

One of my favorite items we added was the chandelier. Get Yours Here. This is a real statement piece. We get A LOT of compliments on this chandelier! I just love it!

The teal canopy, just pulls everything together. Get one for your little girl here.

The lamp back on the table I couldn’t find at the store I bought, so I found a replacement that you can PERSONALIZE!! Check it out!

The curtains were also from TJ Maxx, here is the link.

Paris Decor

The Eiffel Town Figurines are found here.

I found the Polka dot canvas “Paris is Always a Good Idea” at TJ Maxx in clearance section for $3 dollars!

The Picture Frame – Hobby Lobby. I got two frames for $10 that day! Score!



In my experience, I find some really good bargains online. So shop online, go to stores but look, I don’t recommend buying everything from one store, add some character and most importantly HAVE FUN!! Note- You do not have to buy everything at once either, I didn’t!!

If you haven’t purchased a house and haven’t had the opportunity to decorate, as a renter I know some landlords are horrible, check out how we went from Rent To Homeowners In 1 Year.

Thanks for checking out my post! Feel free to comment below!

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